Thursday, April 27, 2006


I got up this morning to call my job and tell them I'm sick!!!!! I am sick! I'm drained to the bone, my body is so week and my head feels as heavy as a bowling ball. I took some Day time medicine and it did clear up my nose so I can breath now, but I just feel week and limp. I spoke with my neighbor about doing our gutters and so it looks like we will probably get our gutters up in the next few weeks. I have plans with a few girls from work tomorrow to just hang out and do some shopping but if I don't feel so hot tomorrow we might have to cancel. My job asked me to work from 10-2 tomorrow and it's suppose to be my day off. I'm probably have to go in sick and all. O well. Looks like the cold that Mianna and Rich have had for 2 weeks now is finally catching up to me and this is how it usually goes within our little circle of sickness. Moms always get sick last because they need all there energy to take car of the kids and husband. Then when we are sick , no one takes car of us. :0(

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