Tuesday, December 13, 2005

up late

Couture Hair Styling
Once again I not able to sleep and so I'm sitting her uploading my pictures and wearing my new funny hair style. NOT really my hair style, I'm just trying to get some curls for the morning time, since I lost both my curling irons at the Hyatt the night of the Party. I think lots of people are uploading on Flckr, because it's so slow. Okay, I"m off to the bed to try and sleep. nothing much to blog about.......O wait, I forgot to mention that Rich made the best taco dinner tonight and he made it all from scratch even the salsa. I had like 4 tacos and Mianna did the same. Big hugs and kisses for being such and awesome cook and an all around awesome hubby. I lust over this man when he cooks so good. I say Lust because the passion is so great for his cooking it's much stronger than just the love. I have new way of greeting him in the kitchen when I get home, but my butt butt is not able to jump up and give him leg hugs very well. I love you Richie boy. Muah!

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