Friday, December 09, 2005

Fun night

We had so much fun last night. Let me start from the beginning. It was a really cold, gloomy and rainy day. I got out the house around 12noon and headed to the beauty college to get my nails done and eyebrows waxed. Rich called from the house and said he was ready to go. I headed home and we loaded up the TL and were on our way. We went to the hotel first to check in and get our room keys. After that we went across the way to eat dinner at Ruth's Chris steak house. The restaurant was inside the Hilton hotel and the food was pretty good. They serve your steaks on a plate that is about 1800 degrees and so with every bite that you take your steak is at peak eating temperature. Of course this is really expensive place if you never heard of it before, but most of you have, the entrees start in the 20's and the appetizer start at 10 bucks. The side dishes are 5 bucks. Rich had a glass of Silverado merlot 12 Bucks, with his favorite rib eye steak and a BP with the works. I had Petite Filet with broccoli and a glass of Peter Lehmann syrah. O I forgot we had seared ahi tuna for an appetizer. I would probably like to return one special day for the ahi and sit by the window overlooking the St. Johns River. From Ruth's we cold see our Hotel right across the river. I'll work on uploading the pictures when I get home. Right now I'm actually sitting in Ritchie’s office typing on his computer, he had to come in for duty today. He just walked in and gave me kisses and said we would be here for about an hour. Okay so after dinner we went back to the Hyatt and up to the 4th floor to our room. This room was dirt-cheap for us at 74 bucks and the real rate is 1000, a night. Crazy ha. Anyways it was a nice room even though it was a handicap room. I liked it because we had a huge bathroom, nothing fancy like I thought it would be, but still a nice room. We got dressed and I ended up leaving my hair down and just curled it the same way I did last year. My dress was on and we headed out, all of a sudden I hear a loud rip. O my goodness. I had just stepped on my dress and ripped it in two places. I was sad at this point but then I just had to hold my dress as I walked. I ended up ripping it in four different places before the night was over and then off with the dress and into my jeans so we could head to the Martini bar down at the landing just a short walk from our hotel, but it was raining so the valet guy gave us a free ride in the car he was trying to valet, eheheh. After the bar we just walked back to the hotel since the rain had finally stopped. I never got any sleep, since we were drinking monster and amp with vodka and that kept me up with the caffeine that's in them darn energy drinks. Rich slept like a baby and I was only getting to sleep at 8am when it was time to get up and pack. We left early so we could get breakfast at cracker Barrel and now here we are. Rich is calling me to come out to the PC, (are in this building) but I'm content just sitting here listening to XM radio online and typing this blogg. I better go check on my man and see if he needs me. O, I have some good news Rich has a new JOB and is now on his way to adding this to his eval so he will be in the line up for a promotion to Chief. I can't wait for the day. I think I'll just get a kick out of seeing him in the uniform. I always tell him, it's just that man in uniform sexiness that I love. LOL. Overall we had a fun night and I'm still wearing my princess necklace. LOL I'm thinking about returning it to the store, it turned around too much and curled up on my neck, but I got lots of complements on it. Everyone was dressed up NICE and fancy.

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