Friday, December 23, 2005

Duke is missing Mianna

Well Mianna made it into SD 45 minutes early and we were all surprised by the early arrival, since they were not expecting her to come in early and her ride was not yet at the airport. Mianna called me the minute she touched down and said the landing was really ruff and when she landed in TN she said it felt like the wheels were going to fall off. I'm just happy she made it safe and I feel like she is just so grownup now that she can travel over 2000 miles away from home ALONE. Duke is really missing her and he was looking out the front door all day, thinking she would come home from school any minute. He was sleeping out side her bedroom door all day. He knows that she is not here and we tried to explain to him that she would be gone for 2 weeks. She spoke to him on the phone and he just jumped up and down and then turned the corner to go towards her room to look for her. It's so funny how close they are and I'm scared for the day to come when he leaves us. Duke is so old and had so many grey hairs now. He is right here by my feet as I type this.

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PhotoMom said...

Oh how sweet! He's her big brother. =)