Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hyatt Regency

Tomorrow is our Xmas party and we also have a hotel room for the night. Check out the website, we have a heated rooftop pool. I'll be wearing my BCBG Maxazria gown and the necklace Rich got me for and early Xmas gift. I have to go to bed so I look rested. I need to get up early and get a manicure, pedicute, my hair did and makeup. Wish I had a pesonal stylist to come to the house and do all this in my home, but instead I have to run from place to place and then We will get dressed at the hotel and go eat dinner then back to the hotel for the party. I'm so excited. You want to see my necklace. I look like and feel like such a princess in this thing. Can you say SPOILED. ehhehe I don't care what people think, I will try to wear this like everday. LOL.
My XMAS gift from Rich


PhotoMom said...

Pretty. =) Okay now I KNOW you won the Lottery and just aren't telling people. LOL

PhotoMom said...

Oh yeah... HAVE FUN! Is this for your work or Rich's work?

virgi said...

For Richie's work, the necklace was dirt cheap.