Thursday, December 22, 2005

Goodbye Mianna

Mom and Mianna
Dad and Mianna
My baby girl is in the air now and should be laning in TN in a few minutes. I'm just sitting here waiting for the flight to land and for her to call me as soon as she gets off. She will be in TN for a few hours before her flight departs to CA. I'm using my widget flight tracker to keep up on her status. I miss her already.

Airline: Southwest Aircraft ID: SWA1687
Flight Number: 1687 Aircraft Type: Boeing Model 737-700
Status: In Flight Ground Speed: 465 mph
Time Remaining: 0h 5m (estimated) Altitude: 22,000 feet
Distance Remaining: 66 nautical miles Bearing: NW

She should be on land in 3 minutes. I'm not so nervous, but I know Mianna is nervous.

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