Monday, December 05, 2005

Hanging on for dear life

Giant Leopard Moth

As I was driving home from work yesterday I notice this weird looking branch hanging on my passenger side mirror and was like Hmmm. I picked up some speed and figured it would fall off in a little bit, but then I swear I saw a mouth of some sort come out of the leaf, "What in the world is on my mirror". As I drove along I began to wish it wouldn't fall off so I could get home and take pictures of it and figure out what in the world it was. I got home ran in the house took the digital and shouted for Rich to meet me outside. I was sure this thing was not from this planet and THEN, Rich said it was a caterpillar. I grabbed a branch off the ground and started to take push at it to try and pry it off of the mirror, I was not about to touch this thing. I finally got it off of my mirror and decided I would give it a home in my tree. I dropped the darn thing on the ground and that was the end of it, but I did notice 2 black firry looking catapillars in the tree and so I proceed to take picture of that. As I was heading back into the house some thing bright green and HUGE caught my eye and GUESS WHAT another freaking caterpillar. O MY GOD I'm living in this caterpillar freaking world today. I was like such a little kid, I ran in the house to tell Rich all about my caterpillars and showed him the picture on the camera. I'm silly ha? Okay with a little research I found out that the the little guy that was on my car is called a Scalloped Sack-Bearer and it's a structure building caterpillar that is found in the East from New England to Florida, west to Iowa and Texas. Cool ha? The little black harry caterpillars are called Giant Leopard Moth.

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The Wild Wild World of the Santos household. LOL