Saturday, December 17, 2005

Doctors Inlet

We went to look at more home this morning and we found the new site called Doctors Inlet Reserve and it's located right off the 220 and only about 9 miles from our house back towards Flemming Island. The neighborhood will be complet with 313 homes and has 2 building phases with homes in the mid 200's. They have 2 builders and one is my old time favorite builder (Ryland home) We went in 2 models. The first one was called Jennings and it was small but didn't feel small with tall ceilings and the set up was ok. The next model (Kernan)was bigger and a little nicer of a set up. I like Ryland because they work with your and you can change the floor plan and customize it as much as you want. They have lots of standards that are upgrades with other builders.The other builder in the neighborhood is Corner Stone and we went into two models there. First we walked through the Kingsley and I believe the other model was called the Seaside.Rich was not impressed with the homes all that much. Mianna stayed home while we were out shopping but I showed her my favorite model of all the Castille 1 with the option to make a second master suite on the second level and that would be for her. We would have a loft with a view to the lower level and that is the part I like with Rich liking the loft. All I really want is more room to add a in home gym and still have room for our guest. I'm not sure if they are building teh Castille in the phase 11 or 111, but we have time to sale and build the new home.

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