Friday, December 16, 2005

Mura Bella

I took the girls out to St. Augustine Outlets to go shopping and then we decided to visit a new neighborhood down the street called Mura Bella. It's so Italiana. You have to say it with the accent. Anyways, they say it takes 9months to a year to build and the homes look pretty nice and the neighborhood is HUGE. take a look at the different builders in the area. I like
North Florida Builder
THE TUSCANY is nice model and also the THE COMPANIA If we had the money, this would be a dream home THE GRESSA
The Palama would be perfect for us to have an indoor gym. THE PALMA is cheaper in Newport Harbor The Palama This blogg will come in handy while house shopping. I feel like I'm in a dream since I did this last year. There is a new neighborhood down the street from us on the 220 and I'll have to see if they have a website yet. The Gressa is nice also but cheaper in North Florida. I like the south better in St. Augustine and World Golf Village.

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