Monday, January 10, 2005

Thick Shake

Thick shake or thin? Why you ask? My friend here at work is from Australia and she told me she was going to McDonald to buy a thick shake. In Australia they call milk shakes, thick shakes. I just think it's so funny. She also informed me that they call cookies biscuits and biscuits are called scones. LOL ehehhe. I can't wait to visit Australia one day. My friend Liesel has the cutes Australia accent and she says the cutest things.


LORRAINE said...

Yeah we call them thick shakes in Australia! Haha...
I guess I'm so "Americanized" that I now call them milk shakes! =(
My "THICK SHAKE" brings all the boys to the yard. Hehehe... Too funny!

virgi said...

Yeah it is funny and we started singing that some when she said it. LOL