Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Detective and Killer

When I got to work at 1:30 today there was so much laughter going on and smiling faces. I sat down only to find out that I was about to play a card came with the group and join in on the laughter. We were playing this real simple game of Detective and Killer. The cards are passed out to the group and with only one Ace and King card. The King is the killer and has to wink at the players they suspect are normal player. IF you get winked at and your not holding the Ace, you have to say I'm dead. The detective has to try and find out who the killer is by guessing or catching them in the act of the wink. It was just so much fun. soooooooo funny. We were still answering calls in-between the game, but we were having a blast and got in a little trouble. Try and guess who was laughing the loudest? LOL

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