Sunday, January 09, 2005

New House smell

I'm still working on the move and it seems to be taking forever. Friday after Mianna got out of school we headed over to the house with a car load of stuff and we also took Duke with us. We gave Duke a shower outside in the backyard and so we wouldn't bring his stinky butt butt into the house and he was so excited. Duke ran around to every room and had to look out each window. His feet sound like high heels tapping on to the wood floors in the family room and kitchen. After unloading the car we took a much needed brake by just laying on the brand new carpet in the Office/guest bedroom. The smell of brand new house is much better than the smell of new car. We are shopping around for a new car now, but I'll give us till April to have it done and maybe a little sooner if we find a good deal. I think Rich has decided to buy a truck and so we will have lots of space to hall around things we might need for the house. The kitchen is almost completely moved over and I have more cabinet space than I thought.I will actually be able to fit all of my things and still have room to spare. I got liners for the cabinets and plan on lining every cabinet on monday, including the cabinets under the sink in both bathrooms. Monday I have to be at the house by 10 since they will be patching up the drywall at the bar area behind the sink. We are still shopping around for our refridgerator and I hope we find one by the end of the month. After this move I hope we stay put for the next 3 years and then maybe we will move again and buy another house.

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PhotoMom said...

I'm SOOOOOOO happy for you guys! This has been a loooong time coming. =)