Friday, January 07, 2005

Finally a Day Off

I'm trying to enjoy my day off and just catch up on some house chores, plus start moving over the kitchen to the new house. I wish I could just hire someone to do it all for me. I'm so lazy on my days off and I just feel like being a bum all day. I think I might go buy some paint and try painting my family room. I love that I have Fridays and Sat. off, it give me time to spend with Mianna and Rich. Rich works this weekend so we might not see much of him. Tonight I’m supposed to meet a group of girls from work for dinner and drinks at TGIF and then a movie. We will watch the new one that came out today called White Noise. It's suppose to be really scary. I'm looking forward to the movie but I'm a little skeptical because it's staring Michael Keaton and he is never in good movies. LOL, So far it got bad reviews but I never pay attention to that when I go watch a movie. I just like to go see if for myself and then decide. I better get back to work now, or else I'll sit here and blogg all day. I have lots of WORK TO DO. HELP!!!!!!!!

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