Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Start cleaning

Well guys, Mianna had her first sleep over last night and on a school night too. eheheh. Her friend Jenny really needed to use our computer and so she just came over after school and spent the night here. This morning I took them to school and then headed over to the apartment to start moving out more stuff. I just had a few breakables that I wanted to move over slowly and it looks like I might have to make one more trip and it will all be done and we can start cleaning. I hate this part of cleaning and this morning I was so irritated just thinking about it. Rich said he would clean tonight and I'll also do some on Friday my only day off. I'm working this Sat to cover one of the girls that took some time off. We are loosing yet another employee and will be so short handed. I'm thinking about changing my schedule and if I get to I'll be home more and making a little less pay. I have no idea what to do, but I do miss being home at night and it's just so hard when I'm up in the day and ready to work but I do love being home all day just able to decorate and clean up and run errands. I'm so back and forth when it comes to my schedule. I do love have free time in the day to do things, with less traffic and people out at the stores. Nights work for me, since I’m such a night owl. I have to talk it over with Rich some more and see if we can come up with a solution. LOL. Listen to me reasoning with my self on my blogg. This blogg has become real helpful with clearing my thoughts and remember what I have done in the past. LOL. Okay, so back to work for me, I’m working on taxes too. Trying to see if we will get a good refund and I hope to have it done today. Not to mention I still need to put away the stuff I took over from the apartment and look for my digital camera. My family and friends you know I miss and love you all, sorry for not calling and I promise to send some pics of the house. Talk to you all later.

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