Sunday, January 09, 2005

Rent per day

I went into the office here at the apartment yesterday to find out how much rent we will have to pay in Feb. and they broke it down by the day. I don't know but it just sounds so much better to say we pay 43 buck a day instead of 1290 a month. That made me start to think, Hmmmmm. so we will be paying only 16 days in Feb. and Also we pay our first mortgage in Feb. We are just having to watch our funds until we are totally paid up and out of the apartment. I'm so so anxious for that day to come. I'm just a little worried about having to deal with pickup and drop off of Mianna to school. Looks like I'll have to come up with some thing quick to make it worth our while. I just don't want to have to change my work schedule since I really like the hours I have now. If have to pay for after school care again, I'll do it. It will be about 55 bucks a week. :o( sucks but we have no bus in our neighborhood and anyways she is out of the district to continue going to her school. I really don't want to change her out of schools so late in the year. Kids get so messed up when you do that to them and at her age it's a little harder since she has made such good friends. I'm already making a big sacrifice by working the hours I have now.I never get to be with my family on Sunday's and I also never eat dinner with them. I need to start looking around for a different job as soon as I can handle the travel with a reliable car and maybe I can have the weekends off. I'm just not sure how Ill be able to manage my schedule for now. I have always been there for my girl and now it's like I can't help her with school work or cook her dinner. I'm only there in the mornings. Okay so back to the subject of Rent per day. I just thought it was neat to figure out the price per day rather that the price per month. My superviser her at work has a granddaughter who live in some townhouses down the street from our neighborhood and she only pays 400 a month. They told me that it use to be military housing but it was remodeled and updated. The outside of the townhomes, look so much like the old housing in SD and Hawaii. The funny thing is that we thought it looked like military housing the first time we drove pass it. I can't believe rent on that townhouse in Green Cove is only 13.33 a day. wow. what a steal of a deal. I would never live in military housing again and it took me close to 15 years to figure that out.

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