Monday, January 10, 2005

Jan. is hot

Yes we are blessed. This weather is nicer than San Diego it seems. eheheheh LOL.No, it's real similar to SD. We have had summer like temps for the past two weeks. I can get up at 5am and walk the dog in my tank top or t-shirt and NO jacket. Today I put on a tank top and really wanted to put on my flip flops, but I need a pedicure so bad. I'll have to get one if this weather keeps up with temps in the high 70's. The evening and morning have fog and it feels so strange to see fog in FL. When we were living in Lemoore there was no question we would see fog this time of the year and it was really thick and horrible fog. Well, I'm just feeling a little spoiled with such beautiful weather here almost in the middle of Jan and some people are knee deep in snow. Will I ever get a chance to use my fire place?? Mianna is eager to use the fireplace to roast marshmellows and I'm not real sure if we can do that. HELP???? Anyone? LOL.

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