Monday, March 20, 2006

My surprise trip

Me sitting on the Heavenly Bed
Rich had been telling me all week that he had a surprise for me on Friday and to make no plans. I was like okay and really though nothing of it but then Friday came and he says, pack some outfits, we will be gone for one day and we are spending the night and not coming back until Sat. I was starting to get so excited and he helped me to pack a few cute things and some good walking shoes since he said we would do lots of walking. When we got in the car I had a feeling we were going to go north and I was right. As we left the FL border and headed into Georgia I stated to guess that maybe we were heading to Savannah. I was right. Rich surprised me and took me to Savannah Georgia to enjoy the festive celebration of St. Patricks day. It was a fun day with lots of walking along the River walk and we drank some beer and I also had the famous Wet Willie frozen drink. mmmm it was soooooo good. We stayed at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf resort. And spa Our room was so BEAUTIFUL with all the luxury you would want in a hotel room. We had a double message shower head in our bathroom and feather down pillows and comforter on our queen size heavenly bed. We had 2 beds in the room with a little sitting area by the window with the view of the river. O , I was in heaven with the few and took a few shots. It was nice to watch the sunset from up in our bedroom window. We were on the 12th floor and so it was really nice being so high up. We took a ferry to the other side of the river where the celebration was going on with about 500,000 people walking up and down the river just having fun and drinking and laughing and eating.When we first arrived we watched some of the St. Patricks Day perade. We stood in line and got a giant turkey leg to eat for dinner and drank lots of beer. I wanted to go out clubbing but got so sleepy after about 5 beers and one Wet Willie. Rich was also sleepy and so we just called it a night and took the ferry back to our hotel room. I wanted to get a message in the hotel spa, but we didn't really plan on doing it and so we will have to do it next time. Rich just called me from work and said that he has booked out hotel stay for NEXT year already. ehhehe. He wants to go back to bad that he called to book the room. I will have to make sure I surprise him and book the most luxurious message for one entire day and surprise him. HEY don't read this blogg RICH, eheh, no he will probably read this, but for realz I'll book us a romantic message. I love my hubby, when he surprises me with such a fun trip. Thank Richie boy. I love YOU. You really feel right at home in a Westin Hotel.

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Dee said...

Ah, that was so sweet of Rich. =)