Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lost Makeup

I'm so sad today and have been all day. I lost my makeup bag with all my favorite makeup and even my new stuff that I just got last week. I know it's all replaceable, but it's just that it's expensive stuff and I had just got it and now I've lost it all. I had my new favorite mascara by Fresh. I had some pretty expensive brushes too and I think it all comes to a lost of about 300 bucks. I know, it's only makeup but I had My new blush by Bare Escentuals along with a new eye shadow called naked beach and the mineral Vail that stuff is awesome. I had my Estee Lauder polish in purple and a few lipstick by Lancome and Estee. I had some good Mac brushes that were about 30 buck a piece and a few cheap sponges and some lip liners. I'm mostly sad about the new stuff I had just spent 80 bucks on. The price we pay for beauty and it's not cheap. I will just try and have some fun shopping for my replacements and maybe even take my butt to Mac and get a fun make over and buy some new stuff. I remember the days when Rich use to take me to the department stores to get made up and buy makeup. The last time we did it was way back in Vegas and he fell in love with the look and got me started on wearing false eyelashes. I want to get a facial done tomorrow and maybe after that I'll go buy my makeup.

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