Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Happy Happy

Guess what guys? I found my makeup. YUP, I'm so silly, I must have came home from work so sleepy and I put it under my side of the sink and it was filled with a little bit of water. We might have a little leak from when Rich took the sink apart because I had dropped my pearl earring down the drain. Rich gave me the cutest dangle pearl earrings for valentines day and I just love them. I was rushing to work one morning and dropped one down the drain. Thank goodness he rescued the earring for me. So now I guess I have no reason to go shopping for makeup today. LOL I'll just do some regular shopping, that always makes me happy. Mianna will be home from school in a alittle bit and I'm sure she wants to go shopping. I need a haircut and we will try to go do that when she gets home.

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