Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2nd day at work

I made it through the day with my vertigo kicking in at the 3rd hour. It was not too bad and so I was able to stick around for the last hour. I'm not sure if I'll be going in tomorrow since I might have my septoplasty done tomorrow morning. I also have physical therapy after my ENT appointment, but that might fall through if I do have the septoplasty and depending on how bad I might feel or if I can operate with all this gauze and junk on my nose, but I might have some anesthesia and I'm not sure what type. They say the surgery only last 20 minutes, so maybe it's not so bad. Hell I have no idea. I just hate the idea of the DR ticking tools up my nose. My nose is a sacred body part, LOL. O man, I'll be sure and update you all on the process. Right now I'm having some seriouse pain in my right cheek and right eye, I know it's due to sinus pressure and causing my sinus headache. HELP, I'm getting old and falling abart.LOL

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