Tuesday, March 07, 2006

$18.99 a lb

Mianna spotted some crab claws and wanted it for dinner. I got her 1/2 lb for a little appetizer and she is in heaven. This girl loves almost all seafood know to man. She also loves raw oysters and just informed me that she need to practice shucking oysters for the shucking contest in her science class. We just ate oysters over the weekend and Rich is getting good at shucking. I have my favorite pinwheel salmon in the oven now with this stuffed talapia that I'm trying for the first time. Rich is at work now, but I will save him some for a late night snack. I love eating seafood since it's so light and almost no fat at all. I can see why Japanese people stay so healthy and skinny.


PhotoMom said...

She looks like Alisha here. =)

Just looking at those claws makes me itch. I'm crazy allergic to shellfish. I can't even touch tem or I break out in a rash all over.

virgi said...

I know, I feel sorry for you. I always think about the time I cooked shrimp at your houes, I didn't realize you where that alergic to them. It sure sucks to be alergic, because shellfish taste so GOOOOOOOD. I can't believe you worked around it at Rusty Pelican. Sad Face