Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Our Black Bear hamsters

Black Bear Hamster
Jitter Bug
Black Bear Hamster
Brown Sugar

My friend Stacie from work gave Mianna two female Black bear hamsters and we just love them to death.One is a little jittery and active so we have named her Jitter Bug and the sister is real calm and gentle so we call her Brown Sugar.


LORRAINE said...

wow, they are dark!!!
Never seen hamsters like that before.

L^2 said...

cute hampsters!!!
I always wanted a pet hampster when I was a kid--never got one though.

virgi said...

You should have them as an adult then. I never had one as a kid too, but I love them as an adult. The hamsters are Black Bear hamsters and so that is why they are dark in color. They almost look black, but to us it's more like dark brown.