Sunday, July 03, 2005


Mianna w/ the raccoon
water droplets
Dancing on the bar
Yesterday turned out to be so much fun. We ate at the crab shack and wile we were there a raccoon walked up to our table. After dinner we stopped at Micky Ds for ice cream cones, apple pie and Rich had a hot fudge sunday. I took a really cool picture of the water droplets on the sunroof of the TL and then we got dressed to go out and meet Merranda and Steve at Harmonious Monks for drinks and dancing. Merranda pulled me to go dance on stage with her, but I forgot to give Rich my camera to take a picture of that. This bar is all live music and performances by the waiters and waitresses. You can stand in your chair and dance or stand on the bar. I stood on the bar with Merranda and danced the night away. Lets just say I paid dearly for that flaming Dr pepper shot. :o(

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