Sunday, July 17, 2005


Friday we had our AIMD picnic, it was actually a luau complete with this huge pig. I didn't really eat much because I was so hungry I ate before we got there. I have such a phobia of eating with large groups now. I get sick like every single time I eat at a large function like that. I did have some free ice cream. After the picnics luau we headed over to the campgrounds around the corner and caught up with a few of Ritchie’s coworkers that had invited us to camp out for the night. I was a little skeptical that we would camp out because it was poring down rain and thunder with lightning just as we got the campgrounds. We all huddled under a little awning and just waited out the rain. I was so scared of the lightning since is seemed to be right above us. Thunder and light happens her in FL, every single day around the same time. Well eventually the rain stopped and we all started to pitch tents and set up camp. After we got things together I had to go home and let Duke out and pick up a few things. I found our air mattress we used when we first moved here and that always comes in handy for camping. I slept good that night but had to get up early to had home and let Duke out and also get ready to go meet my coworkers for lunch at Olive Garden. I was really hungry and just glad to be back with civilization, I like to camp out but I did miss the real world, ehhehe. I'm such a City Girl now. LOL. After eating our late lunch early dinner we had decided to take the kids to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I thought the movie was funny and Johnny Dep played a really good part, but I still love the original the best. After the movies, Mianna and Kimberly who was going to have a sleep over decided they wanted to go swimming at the lake so we headed out there and Dad took them swimming. I was not in the mood to get in the water and so I just hung out on the pier taking picture and watching the lightning show across the lake. Camp Blanding is a really nice place and the lake is fresh water and so no salty sticky feel after you swim and that felt nice to rich and the kids. Rich had spent the entire day out there fishing and he caught 5 bass but was only able to keep 2 that were over the limit in length. That night we cooked hamburgers and another guy fried down the fish, O MY GOODNESS, that fish was so darn good. Rich was drinking and so he decided to stay one more night and had his truck with him, but I had to come home so I could be up by 5:30 and get here to work by 7. Time is dragging on right now and my stomach is hungry. I wish I had some of that fish to eat.


PhotoMom said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend =)

LORRAINE said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics you took!