Friday, July 29, 2005


Okay I'm home from work, yeah, they called me in on my day off and being the nice person that I am, I went in for 5 hours to help out. I answered the phone and then did the internet since Joe was not in to do it. I love doing the internet it's real easy and If I could I would just do it full time from home and not even go in at all . hehehe. wishful thiking. they should make it a position and let us do it from home. NO let me do it from home. LOL. slow season would be too slow to do it from home, but when it's real busy we have about 10,000 transaction in 22 days. so you can imagine how busy it can get on the internet. I couldn't do it from home unless I had the system on my home computer because things are forever changing in our systems and some times we don't book for certain places when the system goes down at any moment. Anyways, I'm home and Mianna wants to stay home till she can watch her show at 8 and it's over at 9, so we will head out to see dad at Camp Blanding as soon as her show is over. I'll just check out my daily bloggs and email. maybe go shopping on the net. LOL. i'm in the mood to shop, hey it's payday. LOL, no, we get payed but it all goes to the morgage. Rich didn't' make chief but I hope he does next year. My poor baby works so dang hard. He pass the test and made board, but they just don't pick his package. ;o(

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