Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Baby Madison

GMC 4x4
Last night I got home to find a new family member for the night. LOL. We were baby sitting Madison and she was with us all night. This little girl has wild sleeping pattern. I had to keep on top of her every move while we slept in our queen size bed. At first she was in the middle of us and then woke up for a second and wanted on top of my chest, and then she flips over to her side and into my arms and then back up on my chest, back to the middle of the bed and then flipped up on Rich. We slept like this for about 1 1/2 hours of her rolling back and forth between the two of us. Madison doesn't really like men so she stuck to me and Mianna like glue. LOL. I just loaded her up in the car seat and her and Rich took off in the truck to daycare. I have to say it was nice have a baby in the house again. We can borrow her anytime I get the bug. I took a few pictures of her and a few pictures of our new truck. I'm off to bed after this, it's too dang early for me


LORRAINE said...

That's a nice truck & well worth the long wait, huh Rich! lol =)
Are you leasing it?

PhotoMom said...

That little girl's sleep patterns remind me of Bryce... he flops all over me, switching from boob to boob for milk.