Sunday, July 24, 2005


This pass week has been nothing but Birthdays all around us. My dad's B-day was on July 18, My mom was on July 21. Shela had hers on the 20th and then Janice turned 40 on the 22 and Garry also turned 40 on the 23. Happy Birthday to you all. My mom was in Guam spending her Birthday with my dad I'm sure, so I didn't get to wish her a Happy B-day. She should be home soon, I hope they takelots of digital pictures to share, I sure miss my homeland.


LORRAINE said...

Well LOTS of families from here are in Guam too! The Kitty Hawk is there, so lots of familes & wifes went to guam for the week to meet up with their Sailor! Naomi my friend is there with the kids AGAIN! This is her 2nd time there, she was in Guam last year too! She loves going to Guam.

virgi said...