Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Update on a blog

I have already updated what I wrote in my blog about the Robin. I did make a correction to that blog, that is a few blogs up from it. I'm not taking it out of my blog. I will leave it in, thank you very much. Despite my mistakes from time to Time, I like to leave my blogs in it's true form and just add to it or make corrections as I go. I'm glad you all got a good laugh at me and hey, that must have been nice, laughing is a good thing. I do have some funny reads from time to time, just ask Ingrid. LOL. This blog is dedicated to my silly familia in AZ that tried to call my ass at 1am in the morning. HELLO... EAST coast time. LOL... I was dead sleep when my cell rang and rich got up to turn it off 2 times. LOL. Retreades!!!! All of my family lives on the west and they just think they can pick up a phone at anytime and call me. Shooots. LOL. Just joking guys. Haha. I love you all. Leave my dam Robin , Cardinal. It's all the same to me. I'm just glad you all are online again and able to view my blogg. LUV YA

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