Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Robin in my hood

I can look out the window as I sit here on my Mac and I spotted a Robin. The funny thing is I seen was yesterday by my old apartments and didn't have a camera. it's too bad I was only able to take a picture from inside the house by way of the window. when I went outside he had flew away. I also spotted a stray cat walking around my backyard. Maybe the cat was trying rob me? I have no idea. Too many dang animals in my jungle. I do love all the chirping and singing that the birds make in our jungle.
stray cat


PhotoMom said...

It looks like a Cardinal??? I thought Robins were blue. Maybe not.

virgi said...

yeah, maybe your right. I was thinking of Red Robin, I thought that was a red bird. LOL. I don't know my birds. =o( Now that you said it, it does look like that cardinal. like the sports team, cardinal LOL. see how much I know about birds. I can relatee it to the sports team. LOL