Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chicken Kelaquin

I grated some fresh coconut and Rich BBQ chicken and we had chicken kelaquin for dinner. I also made some coconut candy for dessert. Dinner was just awesome. I was sitting in the backyard on the notebook with my mother-in-law on MSN IM and we were also on webcam. I too her on a tour of the outside of our house. She also watched as we BBQed and then roasted marshmallows when we were done with the chicken.
Jenny is over spending the night and so we had to order pizza for her because she doesn't like chicken. Now that I'm stuffed like a pig I need to take my big butt butt to bed. I have to get up in the AM and go to work. But tomorrow we have reservations at PF Changs and I'm so looking forward to my Mothers Day dinner.

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