Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Racoon hanging on to the trash canRaccoon running off with a bone
Duke questioning.... what is that ?Duke looking out at the racoon
Racoon standing tallRaccoon making noise
I called home from work to have Mianna tell me that she seen a Raccoon in our backyard and that he had got into our trash and took some food. Mianna was able to catch a few pictures of her. It's a mama Raccoon and she said it ran back to the tree that we have down in our backyard woods. I want to keep her. ehhehe. I asked Rich what we should call her and he said, Raccoon. She is just so cute. Mianna said her fur was all wet and you can tell from the pictures. Mianna was brave enough to go outside and get a closer look, but when the raccoon started to move towards her she went back in the house. Duke was real curious and tried to bark, but he just peaked out the window at her. Mianna said Duke wanted out bad, to check out the raccoon.


LORRAINE said...

OMG, how funny!
Good job Mianna getting the pic's for evidence! lol
Watch out for rabies though.

PhotoMom said...

Awe, the pics are adorable! Tell Mianna to be careful though... they bite. My grandma used to have them at her place up in the mountains. She'd feed them animal crackers - like the ones you get in those little boxes with circus animals printed on them. She told me they don't have salivary glands, so they have to dip their food in water to make up for the lack of saliva before they eat them.

virgi said...