Friday, May 20, 2005


Today the electrician came out to look at the kitchen outlets and also check out the garage light that was not working. He fixed the outlet in the kitchen and then installed my new floodlight for me in the front of the garage. I love the look of the new light and the safety feature will come in real handy when it dark at night. The sensor stretches out 270 degrees and 70 feet out. If cars drive by it will turn on. I love it, so when I get home at midnight, the light will come on for me automatically. Also it will scare away intruders. I will head to home depot to pick up 2 floodlight bulbs and buy a few more motion sensors for the backyard. We have been sleeping with our backlight on everyday. Installing the new lights will help us not have to keep the light on and also keep out any intruders, by scaring them off. We will know if someone of something is moving in our backyard.

Around the house
Rich cut the grass yesterday and it looks so good. We have our yard sprayed every month to keep it healthy and green. The house is so clean today; there isn't much for me to do. I have been relaxing all day, just watching TV and surfing the web. I found a new site to shop on. Body Central check it out, I like item 1101 :0) We might go watch a movie tonight... Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.... maybe. I'll just wait till Rich gets off work and we will meet up with him and decide.

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