Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star Wars

Rich and I went on a hot date yesterday. Mianna had spent the night at her girlfriends house, since she was having a birthday sleep over. I got to go on a hot date with my hubby. The morning stated out nice with breakfast at a local diner around the corner here in Green Cove. I had a waffle with strawberries and Rich had 3 eggs over easy with toast. After that we headed home to collect all the garbage so that Rich and Duke could take that to the dump while I washed the TL. Once we finish taking care of business we got showered and dress and headed out to buy tickets to see Star Wars. We bough our tickets for the 6:15pm show and since it was only 3pm we had time to go eat dinner and then do some shopping. We decided to eat at Carrabba's since we just love the calamari there. I had grilled salmon with veggies and Rich had steak with mushrooms and some type of gravy sauce with garlic mash potatoes. It was so good as usually and we left with full bellies. We drove over to World Market, since Rich really likes that store and just browsed around. We have 45 bucks to spend there, but for some reason couldn't find what we wanted. We will go back another time and find some thing for the house. I still have a gift certificate to pier 1 as well, and still have to use that one day. I haven't really been in a shopping mood for the house stuff, but I am in the mood to paint. I need to spend some time choosing colors and start painting room by room.
Anyhow we finally watched Star Wars and it was so good. It got me to thinking back when I watched the first one and was only a little kid at the time. I remember having the plastic swords and play fighting with Davina in the darkest spot in the house, that was the bathroom in the old house on Guam. You have all got to go out and see Star Wars. The dialect was so bland, but it's your typical George Lucas screens.

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