Wednesday, May 25, 2005

6th grade commencement

6th grade graduation
Today Mianna and her 6th grade class graduated and are now 7th graders. There are 67 6th grades counties and her class ranked 6th in reading and 7th in math. I was so amazed by that statistic. I had such a nice time at the commencement and almost had tears in my eyes at so many moments. The slide show at the end was a surprise for the parents, with a display of baby pictures of each student with todays pictures. I'm so excited for her to be moving on to Jr High and yet sad at the same time. My baby girl is growing up too fast.


PhotoMom said...

OMG - where'd the time go!?! Say it ain't so! TRell her she's not allowed to get any older. Nina Ingrid says so.

LORRAINE said...

Congrats Mianna!! Good on ya!
So they start middle school at 7th grade there? Here they start middle school at 6th grade.

virgi said...

well, middle school starts at 6th here too, but in our county, or the part of town we live in, they didn't have room to make a middle school and so they put the 6th graders with the new elementary school. It was a middle school curriculum but just in the elementary school. ehehhe. go figure.