Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Window Coverings

I'm on a mission today. I have a few chores to run since I have the day off from having the flu. I need to use it as best I can to get my windows covered. I will hit up all the stores today. Lows, Home Depot, Target, Pier One and JCPenny. I feel much better, but Mianna is on a long road to recovery, since she has been fasting for over 3 days or more now. Yesterday she barely ate, I hope she gets some food in her today. My stomach is hungry and I'm able to hold down food with no problem, so I'm pretty normal now, but I do have this cough and nose thing that will not stop. I'm on mission to find the perfect window covering for all 9 of my windows in the house. YUP, NINE. I have one huge one in the family room that consist of 3 large windows all in one, so I just count it as one. Then the nook has 2 windows, plus a glass door, that I need to cover also. The formal living room is 2 windows together, so I count that as 1. My bedroom bay window is 1 window on each side and then 2 in the middle that I count as 1. Mianna has one window in her room and the guest/office room also had 1 window. I will have to try to make the hardware pretty consistent for the nook and family room. For the formal living room I'll do it up a little different and then real simple for the bedrooms. I'm planning on using velvet drapes in the family room and maybe some cafe style curtains in the nook OR, I might just use the same curtain as the family room but chop them in half and make my own cafe style... It just all depends on what I find. I will buy white curtains for the bedrooms. I want it real clean and simple not much fuss at all. If our windows weren't so big we would put up shutters. :o( but the is not an option with our windows. The family room window is taller than me and I'm 5'2".....LOL. Anyways, I better eat some thing now and get in the shower, so I have some time to get to the stores and look around. Not sure if Mianna is up to me dragging her with me, but I doubt she wants to stay home alone for a few hours, so I'll be dragging her. Last Sat, while I was sick, she drug me to Limited Too, so it's payback. She was able to stock up on 600 bucks worth of clothes and new pair of shoes and hair stuff. She is set for spring and just needs a few more pieces for summer. We made out with $300 worth of 2 bucks, so she can go back and buy another wardrobe for summer that will be worth 600 and only cost us 300 with the 1/2 off discount. YEAH baby. LOL. Shopping is the life. HEHEHEH. Only when we have money. LOL. Yo, it's payday today for Rich, let ago shopping and then I get paid tomorrow. LOL> more shopping. LOL> hehehe. I love shopping in FL. They have all my store, but NO IKEA. :o(

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