Thursday, February 17, 2005


Okay 600 must be the majic shopping #. ehhehe. I found some of the window coverings, but not all. I will put up the formal living room today and then the bedroom windows for Mianna and the office. I still have to find a pole big enough for our 9 1/2 foot window in this family room. But I did find a cute candle holder and some awsome bench stools that Rich really liked. After shopping yesterday I went to pick Rich up from work and I had the Mazda jam packed with stuff. ehehhe. We drove over to the Jeep dealer to test drive the new Jeep Grand and we were NOT impressed at all. Then we got in the Chrysler 300 and MAN that thing is nice. We are leaving all our option open for what to buy. Mianna really wants an SUV and Im still up in the air but VERY much in LOVE with the Acura TL. This weekend I want to go test drive BMW,AUDI and Infinity. Rich promissed we will have our car by this weekend. I hope he keeps that promiss. I better call Home Depot and make and appointment to have the garange door opener put in. O guys, let me get to work so I can have time to take pics of the new window coverings and see if you all like it. LOL.

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