Friday, February 11, 2005

Home Sick

Yesterday morning I woke up with a heavy head, stuffy nose and 102 temp. The night before I got home from work and had a 99 temp and was feeling sick, but by morning I was full blown sick. Today is my normal day off and I wish I wasn't sick. I plan to sit here on the couch and just do nothing. I do need to get some food for the house and I should be cleaning my apartment, but I have no energy what so ever. I deserve a day to just vedge. Yesterday I made Rich take the car and go to work and forced Mianna to stay home with me. We sat up in bed and worked on her math problems. I think she has LCM and GCM or was it GCD down pack. LOL. Thank god I still remember how to do that stuff. I took Rich to work at 5 this morning and just got back from dropping Mianna off at school. I know she was so happy to have me home yesterday and to spend some time with me. I changed my work schedule for M-Thur. I will start working 3:30-11:30. The pickup for Rich will be a little hard on his schedule , but hey I still get up at 4 or 5 everyday with him to take him to work. The past week was so ruff with him having an audit at work and I had to take him in at 3 and 4am. I think that was when my body broke down and said.... NO MORE! I really want to buy the new car as soon as possible. We got our tax money and so we are trying to decide what we want to buy and I'm really in love with the Nissan Murano and the Pathfinder. We also liked the Toyota Sequa and Tundra. Rich really wants a truck and Im more for the SUV type or sports car LOL.... I'm feeling middle aged with the need for speed and luxury. I really don't want to have a big car payment since we just bough the new house, but a 400-500 car payment would be OK for us. We are so confused as to what we want. This morning Rich said he wanted a GMC ... I was like whatever.... That is not a reliable car brand. Sorry but I like to stick with the Japanese and assembled in Japan. I'm even a little skeptable about the Pathfinder because its not assembled in Japan, but I'm sure most of the parts are Japan made.

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