Thursday, February 24, 2005


I swear... I hate moving and unpacking the most. My garage is so crowded with boxes and I need to start cleaning it out. Rich asked me yesterday if we could have it done by Friday or Sat. when the car gets back from the shop. I just feel like I do too much around this house and get no dam help. Just bull kaka. I don't want to do a thing. Anyways... let me take my grumpy butt to the garage and start on it. UGH>>>> hate it. I still have to put of curtains on the remaining 8 windows. ehehhe. I swear.... I need a maid.

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LORRAINE said...

Whoa nelly! That's quiet the mess, lol
Hope you got some help cleaning it out. You gotta make room for your new car in there! No leaving that car out in that Florida sun! =)