Saturday, February 19, 2005

Our New Acura TL

Anthracite Metallic for the exterior color
Camel leather for the interior

Boy do I have a story to tell. You wouldn’t believe it unless you were there, but it's a true story. It all started yesterday after Rich got off of work. We have been car shopping for months now and have test drove and seen so many different types of cars and SUV's. We decided to go to Atlantic Blvd yesterday and check out the Infinity FX35 I think it's called, but quickly changed our mind when we seen the Acura dealer not far down the street. Last week Rich took me to the Acura dealer here in Orange Park and I just fell in love with the TL. We were able to get a really good deal and Rich found the color he wanted on both the outside and inside. Yes we did it, we bough our new car. The TL is just so awesome, it has too many features to mention but if you go to the Acura website and click on the TL you will be able to watch a video on all the cool features it has. So last night on the way home Rich drove until we got to Mc Donald’s in Orange Park and I took over. We were heading to Wal-Mart when I was stopped at the red light behind Rich in the TL and this dang Taxi Cab ran in to the back of me. YUP .. I just couldn't believe how fast it had happen and that this guy had just hit our new car and we had only been driving it for less than an hour. The damage was not too bad and we should have it all squared away this week. We took the car back to the dealers today and they detailed it and cleaned it and also showed me how to work all the cool features.... as if I could remember..... NOT, but I have the quick guidebook to reference until I'm an expert at it. ehheheheh. Anyways the accident was not my fault and the taxi cabs insurance will pay for it all. The cops were called out and took the report and sighted the driver for following too closely. Anyways we are so happy we got our first dream car. Check out this site. Click on the interactive showroom I'll post more pics later on.


LORRAINE said...

OMg, that is too crazy! A hit within an hour of driving it. That's messed up! Hope it gets all fixed it soon.
Car looks great! Finally you guys got a new car after many years with the Altima. So you didn't get an SUV or a Truck?
It's cool tho, car is nice. Congrats!!

PhotoMom said...

Congrats on the new car! Sorry to hear about the accident. =(

Did you hear Mary's 3 months prego again? Marge called me yesterday to tell me. Wow! Avenn isn't even a year old yet. LOL

virgi said...

Yeah I got your message and after that I called Mary last night and talk to her. ehhehe. WOW. another one. I told her, they will need a bigger car with 2 carseats. How you like our car... no carseats going in that car. :o)

PhotoMom said...

Yeah, two in diapers. Whew... that'll be interesting. =)

Love your new car. So I guess this means no baby brother or sister for 'ana, huh? =) j/k How much did you get it for? I saw it priced between $32-34,000. High Rollin'! I'm still waiting for my minivan. I want one so bad now. The Matrix is just too cramped for me and the kids. Oh well. I'll have to wait 'til Mike graduates. Money is super tight right now and we're staying in SD.

virgi said...

the car was 33, but we got 1000 off for military discount and so we got a good deal. we also put down 3000 for the tags and title. We have the car in the shop now it will cost 700 to get fixed. Not bad. I think we get a TL for a rental until it's fixed. LOL. nice.