Monday, February 28, 2005

Wedding /Bull ride

This past weekend was so much fun. It all started on Friday with my day off. Rich was asked to be the best man in Graig wedding and so he had to get a suit. I must say he found a really good looking suite. Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner. We had this private room at the steak restaurant but I forget the name of it. The food was soooooooooooooooo good and the garlic cheese bread was the BEST! The wedding was Saturday and on Friday Rich took me to the store to find a shall to go with my old Bebe dress. I found a really cute Kenneth Cole shawl, I didn't even know he made shawls. I have to down load the pictures later and put them up for you all to see. The funny thing that happened after the wedding was a cat ran in the church and was trying to run up the back wall in the church, he was about 3 feet in the air and just scared as heck. Some how they finally got him out, it was a good thing it happened after the ceremony and not during it. The reception was right on base at the O club and it was so nice. The colors were red white and blue. The girls and guys had on navy blue suits and dresses and they all looked so good. After the party we went home to take and nap so we would have some energy to take Graig brothers and relatives out that night and show them a good time in Jaxs. We ended up going to a sports bar to chit chat and have few appetizer. We then split the party up and 4 of us went over to Mardi Gras night club. Mardi Gras consist of about 4 different clubs on the inside and we headed straight to the country club in the back to ride the bull. YUP you heard me right, they have an electronic bull in the back of the room and we all got on it one by one. I was so scared, but they told the bull conductor to take it easy on me and not have me fall too hard. I had fun. When we first got there 2 girls were on the bull together facing one another and lets just say they had on tube top and halter top and I seen some sue sue when the girls top came off. ehehhehe. That was pretty funny. Rich didn't catch that one...Lets just say, I should have a picture that reads Richard heaves instead of Keanu Heaves. LOL> Rich had a bit too much fun. LOL. I don't drink anymore. I just can't take it AT All so I have given it up all together. I will have a glass of wine but only one or 2 and Im done. I would rather be the designated driver. It's too funny to think that I'm actually the driver when we go out,because I use to be such the drinker. I'm just getting too old for that stuff. The people we took out were from Michigan so it was a nice change of pace and weather for them. The weather was overcast and rainy here, but it sure was warm and in the 60's compared to the weather they came from in Michigan.

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Like a rhinestone cowgirlllllllll... YEEE HAW! Ride 'em cowgirl!. LOL