Monday, February 14, 2005

sick sick sick

Well guys, I was off on thur, Fri and sat. I thought I was feeling better on Sunday and so I went to work. That was a big mistake. I was so cold and had the chills all day. I got home last night and woke up this morning to find my T-shirt completely soaked. I had been sweating all night long and my hair was even wet. I had to get up and put on clean shirt. Mianna was in bed with us, and come to find out Rich said she was throwing up all night and has a fever. She has done this about 8 times today in less than 24 hours and has the runs. She refuses to eat and only sips water and says she is full. At about 11, she was in the living room assisting Duke because was throwing up. He touched his nose and its wet, but his body feels really warm. I think he has a fever and he is also sick. He had run out side 2 more times to get it out and he ate a little grass. It's just so crazy that we are all sick. I called Rich at work and gave him the update. I haven’t ate all day and I'm almost scared to eat because I'm the only one who hasn't thrown up yet, but I sure don't want to start. I'm actually not real hungry, but I will try to eat some chicken soup. I'm going to call the tricare nurse and see what they suggest I do for Mianna and my self. I called in sick for work today, but they told me that if I were off more than just today, I’d need a doctor’s note. That I just don't understand. Because I came in sick yesterday and today is only one day.. Usually you have to be gone 3 days before you need a doctor’s note. Whatever. Anyways. People are just dropping like flies at my job and I’m really starting to get sick of having to pull all the slack for people that are not there to fill in for the missing people. we have lost yet another working just yesterday I found out that Liesel is gone. That is my friend from Australia. I sure will miss working with her, but I will still keep in touch since I do have her cell number. Rich still has to clean up the apartment since we turn the keys in on Wed. I'll be so glad when we are done with that place for good. I have to pay some bills online and then make some soup to eat. I'll keep you all posted on our condition. I just home Richies body can hold out and not get sick till after we are well.


PhotoMom said...

Oh no, sounds like Mianna's got the stomach flu or food poisoning. =( You poor thing too. You'd think your bosses could obviously see how sick you were at work yesterday. How lame. Must be because it's Valentine's Day and they're assuming people are taking off for personal reasons. Hugs to you and 'ana.

LORRAINE said...

Sorry you guys are sick, sounds bad! I hope you start feeling better soon.
Make sure you stay hydrated, drink lots of liquids, 7-up or sprite always helps. Even if you don't eat, just drink.
Feel better soon guys!

Xavier said...

Sorry to hear about your illness; But, you may find some information on my blog that may help you with health prevention. So, I hope your feeling better by now. But, you may want to check it out for the future. Take-care.