Saturday, February 05, 2005

Super Bowl Time

Yesterday we had such a fun and exciting day. We started the day with a little shopping at Stein Mart and then a few cups of coffee from starbucks, as we waited for Okinawa Japanese restaurants to open up at 5pm. We ate shrimp tempura for an appetizer and then had spicy tuna and regular tuna sushi. After all that good food we headed down town to catch the Super Bowl bash. We found some choice parking that was free and then headed to the landing. We stopped off at the landing to people watch and listen to the free music and watch a bikini contest. At about 9 we headed over to get some more good eats with our hotdogs and shrimp platter. Then off to the blue bridge to find a good spot to watch the fireworks that started at 10:15. I was trying to take a picture of it when my battery on my camera died and my back up battery was also dead. Anyways we had so much fun just hanging out with the crowd and snapping few shots. We did get to see this guy release himself from a chained up straight jacket and around the corner was the ESPN booth with Michael Ervin announcing live with the drop back of the landing. Click the title to see a few pics. We plan to head out to the NFL experience today.

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LORRAINE said...

Looks slightly chilly there!
Not being a native of the USA I don't really get the whole superbowl thing & not knowing a thing about football doesn't help me either! LMAO