Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More movies

Over the past weekend I went to see Sahara with Rich and Mianna and then The Amityville Horror with Merranda and Mianna. Sahara was kind of a bore with just a few funny parts. Amityville was scary but too predictable and some really sick parts. I can't even remember the original movie. I had more fun shopping at JCpenny since they were having a huge sale. I got two really cute tops by Bisou Bisou. I miss shopping at the store in Vegas, but they sale her products in JC now. I got this cute tank top in sunset and I also go this really pretty green halter top with sequence, it's not online :-(. With the recent colors I've got a rainbow in my closet, with all the cute sherbet colors from white to pink, orange, yellow, green and now I just need blue and purple. hehehehe. Crazy to think the designer Michele bohbot is a mother of 7 and a yoga teacher. WOW. I just love her clothing line Bisou Bisou.

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