Monday, April 25, 2005

Bye Bye monitor

My monitor finally gave out on me with a loud popping noise. Mianna heard it from all the way in her bedroom and come out to see what was going on. When it made the popping noise it had scared me and I jumped and might have screamed too. hehehe. I need a new monitor. I'm so lost without my calendar and computer. Sucks. We were suppose to have the car windows tinted today, but rich got a refund and decided to put it off, since he knows I really need my monitor as soon as possible. I will be off from work tomorrow since I have a meeting, so Ill have some time to go shopping and look for a monitor. The NEX has some nice ones, all for around 400 and up. I had a 20 inch and so I'm use to that size, and plus you can have more than one application up and running while you edit or upload photo's. I want a large screen again about 19" and up at least.


LORRAINE said...

Please don't say that it's your mac monitor?! lol

virgi said...

yeah, the Mac monitor was given to me for free. It was a view sonic