Monday, April 11, 2005

Ice Princess

Yesterday after I got off work, I took Mianna to Limited too so she could exchange a few items she decided she didn't like. After that we had dinner at Johnny Carino's and then went to AMC to watch Ice Princess. We will be getting it on video since it's Disney, but it was an okay movie. I'm at an emotional time right now and so I kept crying at parts in the movie. I'm such a girl. Rich was not with us all this time, since he decided to go to the poker room. On Friday we watched Beauty Shop and that was so funny I really like it. Rich and Mianna went on a date some time last week and seen Guess Who. They like it. I want to go see it still. ehhehe. Too many movies to choose from and it will be a good summer for movies. We will have to return soon. Just happy we live next to a good movie theater now. I always hated the one in Lemoore at the mall. YUCK. That place really is the armpit of California.

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