Saturday, April 09, 2005

Jazz Festival and Suns Ball Game

We just got home from the Ball game. We lost the game but it was a really close game. We started off the day by going to the Jazz festival and after that we headed over to the ball game to watch the Jacksonville Sons and this team from Alabama. I thought the high tech name badges for over 21 drinkers was a cool thing. I didn't drink, but I had to buy Rich a beer. We ate nachos and funnel cake while at the park. It was such a nice laid back and mellow day.


LORRAINE said...

Hope you had fun!

virgi said...

We did, although Mianna said she only had fun in the begining. I thought it was crazy how the guy checking my ID had asked me to remove my hat, and the he freaked when he seen I was born in 73. I just love it ;-) ehhehe.