Sunday, April 24, 2005

3 hour tour

Friday was a nice sunny day with a bit of a cool breeze. Richie's shop had a bbq on base by the boat docs. We ate chicken, hotdogs, and jalapeno hamburgers that Rich barbequed along with another guy from his shop. They also had a raffle and we won 20 buck to home depot. After the bbq we decided to go see a movie in Orange Park at the mall, but before that we had a few beers at TGI Fridays. We were ready to watch our movie when we got into the theater if wasn't on and so we figured they were starting it late, but then 10 minutes went by and we stated to worry then the manger walks in and announces that they are having technical difficulties and that the movie would start shortly. The manager offered free refills on drinks and popcorn. We didn't purchase any drink or popcorn and that was a good thing, because we would have been stuck with it and no movie to watch. ehhehe. So we got up from our seats and followed the guy out, we stopped him to ask if he though it was going to take 10 or 15 minutes, so he called up on his wallkie talkie and asked how bad it looked and the female voice on the other end said, it looks pretty bad and the tape is all on the floor. we had decided to run back over to TGI Fridays and have a few more drinks. I don't drink much and so 2 beers for me is more like 4. I had a nice time just sitting with Rich and talking about when we were young as kids. We decided to just get a refund on our movie tickets and head out to the Sun Cruz.
Our trip on the Sun Cruise was nice. We had to drive out Mayport and with the traffic it took us about a hour from Orange Park. When we arrived there the boat was ready to pull away at 7 and we got there just in time. The cruise cost 10 bucks one time fee and that makes you a member for life. As be got on the ship I thought how funny it was that this was going to be our first cruise, not like a real cruise but our fist casino boat cruise. As most of you know my husband loves to gamble, me I hate it... I would rather spend a day shopping and buying things I like, that way I actually see and use the stuff that my money has some visual value. I hate to see money just lost and gone for ever. I did loose by the way 80 bucks. I had no luck what so ever, but we had fun meeting a bunch of old couples and a middle age people. The first couple we met were from GA and they had just got married that day and were on the cruise for there first time as well. Some how I could tell there were more familiar faces then new and the crow was mostly old. There was a small group of young kids that retreated to the sitting area in front of the TV rather quickly, I thin they just ran out of money too fast and we had only been sailing for about an hour. All of the old people were still out there gambling away. I sat at the sizzling 7 $1 machine most of the night and had lost 40 bucks there and then gave up. I watched this old Filipino lady play poker and get up in between hands to put a few bucks in the machine next to me. She had no luck and she got up from the poker game real quick. Rich had bought into the game with 100 bucks and was playing the entire trip. At the end of the night he had won my money I lost back and we left 70 bucks ahead, so no looser for us. ehhehe. Anyways, I had watched this old man get out of his wheel chair and using a cane to steady himself to get into the sizzling 7 machine to the right of me and he put his money in and hit 300 bucks.. Lucky dog, he cashed out and we just watched all the coins fall. the fake $1 coins that you later have to cash in. He got up from that chair and then asked me if it was okay that he held on to my chair so the he can sit to the left of me and play that sizzling 7 machine.. sure I said sure and tried to keep my swivel chair steady as he held on to my chair. When he was in his seat, he had told me hew was a double amputee and had lost both his legs from the knee down, in the war. He put his money in and hit the spin wheel two times. and won 200 bucks on the send spin. Man I was just so sad that every one around me had been winning on there machines and at this point I had only lost 20 bucks and was miserable. then the lady sitting next to him finally hit 300 , but she had been sitting there since the gambling started and she is die hard you can tell, because she plays 2 machines at the same time. she was going back and forth from win to loose on both machines and then at that very end the last machine on the wall in this line of up of about 7 sizzling 7 machines. that lady on the end had hit the progressive jack pot and won 1050.00. Rich had fun but he thought it would have been more exciting then it really was. the boat consisted of 3 decks, 2 decks of gambling and the top deck for food, dancing and a little sight seeing section. When the boat was first taking off we were up at the top deck just meeting with people and watching the boat pull away from the dock. It was such a pretty day and we could see the sun set... I was sad that I didn't have my camera.

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