Wednesday, April 20, 2005


DSC06607, originally uploaded by Virgi.

Here is a picture of the bumber on our TL after the accident last sat. I uploaded all the pics of the TL to flickr, so you can compare the 2 accindents and see the difference. Look at the reflection in the bumber, Me, squating to take the pic, The man that hit us in the middle and Rich on the left. eheheh.

The damage is so small compaired to the first accident... I bet you can't even see it in the pic. :o) O well. OOOOP< BUMPER, not bumber. ehhehe
I always get my P and B mixed up

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PhotoMom said...

Virg... it's called a "bumPer". =) I so sowwy... ugh, that sucks. Did Rich flip out like he did the last time?