Friday, January 04, 2008

36 weeks

I stood on the scale today and was shocked to see that I weigh almost 132 ponds. Wow, it as 131.5 and I was just so surprised. When I pregnant with my daughter over 15 years ago I weighed 133 pounds right before I gave birth to her. She was almost 7 pounds, coming in at around 6 lb. 13 oz. I have gained 25 pounds now. Today I feel like my belly has really dropped and I have never go to the bathroom this much, since I was just a couple weeks along. It's so hard to believe I can go any day now and have nothing ready. My hospital bad is near the bed, but not all the way packed and the babies room is such a mess, you can't even walk into it. I know I need to get to stepping and work on all these things, but today would have been my day off to do some of the work,and I went in to help out at my job. I was trying to work as many days as I possible to make the last few pay checks till I take off from work. Even if it's a new year and I have to work 3 months just to pay taxes for the year, I'll be gone from work for about 4 months at the most, and so this will be not much of a working year for me. I've been having stronger and stronger braxton hicks and slight back pain, but nothing to worry about. With Mianna I was in labor for 7 hours and that includes one hour of pushing. I wonder if this one will be a quick one or a long one. For my sake I hope it's short, but for Richards sake, I hope its a long one to give him time to get here since he is 10 hours by car and 2 hours by plane. I hope I have the baby when he is on land and not out to sea. My chances of having him while he is out on the ship is more likely then not. Rich pulls out in about a week. and will be gone for almost 2 weeks.

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