Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What Happened?

I know it's been to long since I've done this. You asked what happen???? Life, that's what, ehehhe. I got so dang busy. We left to southern Cali for my grandfather’s funeral and then got home to find my self so busy with work and catching up on a week of mail and errands. I'm so dang busy, plus I have to help Mianna plan a party this weekend for her B-day. She decided to invite a few friends to the house for a sleep over and I hope that all pans out for her or else we will have to have a plan B. I still have to go to a meeting in the morning and do my B-day shopping, so I'll be so super busy, and not to mention the dry cleaning, house cleaning and to many things to mention. HELP, calgoon take me away..... I need a message; I better call my misuse tomorrow. Okay, I can do this; take 3 breaths with me, ready? 1... 2.... 3...

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